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Boss Babe Energy Mentorship Program

Hey Boss Babe! 💓

Welcome to my monthly mentorship program! I am super excited to work with you in helping you scale your business! I truly in my heart believe that we can all win if we believe in community and helping others. Part of my passion for teaching is seeing how my knowledge can influence and inspire others to be the best BOSS BABE YOU CAN BE!

This mentorship program is a 1:1 intimate time for any boss babe who is Ready to boss up your brand but need help executing your vision?

In our 1:1 strategy call, we’ll discuss your business goals and formulate a solid plan of action that will help take your brand to the next level.

Some of the things we will be able to discuss during your calls:

Just started a YT channel? Or have on and are ready to take your growth to the next level? Get clear on how to increase YouTube engagement.

Want to use Instagram to grow your influence or business's reach? This call will help you use your Instagram as a business-building machine.

 Having trouble converting your website visitors into paid customers/clients? Get clear on your online customer journey to create the ultimate website experience.
We can discuss your:
Brand Identity: Mission statement, Purpose, and Target Audience
Goal Setting:  I can help you to set realistic goals for your business short term & long term + weekly homework / to-do
How to get more sales: We can go over ways to increase your sales online using social media, marketing, content strategies and overall confidence in yourself
What to do during "no sales": Not making any sales? Unsure why? I can help you to look at your analytics and decide a new way to drive new sales & what to do until you start making sales again
Imposter Syndrome: How to show up and be your authentic self everyday , confidently !
Shipping & Processing Times:   Unsure of how to word your shipping and processing times or what they should be? Let's come up with what suits your brand and you best.
Packaging Tips: Packaging Is KEY! You need new ways to rebrand and spice up your brands packaging? Let's brainstorm together!

This mentorship program is for you if:

  • You're feeling overwhelmed with building a successful brand and need clarity on where to focus your energy.
  • You're just "going with the flow" without any real strategy behind your social media and/or business approach.
  • You're ready to turn your social media platforms into profit-generating machines.
  • You're looking to increase engagement and/or sales conversions.

In this program you will have WEEKLY ZOOM CALLS: By purchasing this you are agreeing to WEEKLY 30 minute zoom calls with ROSE BEAUTE COSMETICS on the date you have selected to BOOK at checkout.

For example : If you book a call on a Tuesday, I will be speaking to you weekly on Tuesday at a time we can agree on.  (my availability will vary). YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RECEIVE A REFUND IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND A MEETING. ** due to the nature of the time slots / virtual products, this product is absolutely non-refundable. 

During these weekly zoom meetings you will be able to ask questions! I am here to support you, listen to you, offer feedback and critiques, guidance and be here for you while you work on being the best boss babe you can be!

Please be sure to check your emails after booking this call, I will be sending out zoom links via EMAIL ONLY! This is where we will communicate mostly about times we can meet and such. 

I am so excited to meet all of you and assist you with your business! WELCOME BOSS BABE!

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