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Infinite Love Body Scrub

Infinite Love is a sensual soft floral mix of peony, jasmine, fresh baby powder and warm vanilla. Made with love and intention, and the most divine selection of oils and sugar crystals for gentle exfoliation. 

It smells of rich, sweet, fruity and sensual Jasmine. Paired with the beautifully soft intertwining of peony flowers, and notes of nostalgic light baby powder. We added hints of warm vanilla for a uniquely simple smell. 

See yourself in a mirror of self love , infinitely. Connect with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Self Love. As you apply this body scrub, turn your music on, soak in some warm water and greet your Inner Goddess with a smile and hand over your heart. A divine way to evoke your feminine energy!

Our body scrubs goes on like soap and exfoliate gently leaving you with a soft hydrated skin that is plush & radiant. This body scrub is made under the energy of the moon to give you a boost of feminine energy throughout the day.

Recipe : Soap Base, Avocado Oil, Mica, Vitamin E Oil, Fragrance , Sugar , Glycerin , Preservative 

8 oz 

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